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Running IntelliJ IDEA on JDK6

So far IntelliJ IDEA has been running without problems on JDK6. I didn’t notice major improvements, but I guess Idea’s sometimes troublesome performance issues got eased to some extent. However, one must disable the Java version check by setting in $IDEA_HOME/bin/

A nice article with additional extras like adding a JDK6 splash screen can be found at the official IDEA blog.


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IntelliJ IDEA: serialVersionUID generator

Cleaning up code I launched serialver to create serialVersionUIDs for some serializable classes. Wondering why IntelliJ IDEA did not seem to provide a generator for UIDs, I browsed the code inspection settings and it turns out that there actually is one – but it is disabled by default. To use it, go to

Settings -> Errors -> Serialization issues -> Serializable class without ‘serialVersionUID’

When editing a Serializable class without a serialVersionUID field set, IDEA now displays a warning and provides a Quickfix (Alt+Enter) to generate one.

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