Beware of avgnsx.exe

Wondering why my CPU usage peaked between 25 and 50% when using a download manager to max out the 16 MBit cable connection, it turned out that the “network scanner” in AVG 8 (free) is to blame. Even if the obnoxious link scanner (which loads every link in a Google search result and checks for “trojan” web sites) is disabled, AVG still monitors all network traffic on port 80.

The only solution (suggested in the AVG Free forum) is to reinstall AVG, choose a custom install and disable the link scanner… yikes.



  1. lala said

    you can disable the plugin in firefox, but that nasty application still randomly hogs 90% of your cpu.

  2. Robert said

    You can disable it by opening up the AVG interface and going to Tools/Advanced Settings/Link Scanner and disabling Active Surf Shield.

    • john said

      Thanks Robert, that worked for me. “disabling Active Surf Shield.”

  3. Danny said

    Like Robert said, you can disabled it. I experienced the same thing and after disabling it, avgnsx.exe doesn’t hog the cpu anymore when I am downloading files from firefox. It’s still running though, you can see it in the task manager.

    • Interesting! If I remember correctly, simply disabling didn’t work for me back then (in January) – so either they fixed it, or I simply didn’t find the right setting.

  4. Thanks for the info. Found the setting..disabled it and it completely resolved the problem. For other, I am using AVG 8.5

  5. muymalestado said


    If you install AVG to try to protect your PC do you not run a risk by disabling some of its features?

  6. truthspew said

    I turned off the Enable Search Shield and that seems to have tamed the process.

  7. Timothy Boisvert said

    Why isn’t there a setting to limit CPU usage. It would slow surfing down but stop the computer from seeming like it’s locked up.

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