YourKit Java Profiler 7.0 EAP

Until now I did not really consider commercial Java profilers. The Netbeans profiler works most of the time and usually helps to identify the most glaring hotspots of an application.

Recently I stumbled upon a YourKit EAP build and was rather blown away by its ease of use, integration, and the snappy user interface. Enabling profiling on a local JBoss was actually a matter of one click, not of manually fiddling with agent and LD_LIBRARY paths. It also offers some JavaEE-specific statistics: plain SQL query execution times, as well as JNDI lookup and JSP/Servlet statistics (no JSF-specific stuff yet). And most important: all profiling tasks can be started and stopped at runtime, thus you don’t have to endure a slow application server startup just to profile one page (as with Netbeans). The EAP builds are apparently full builds with no restrictions (except of being beta software), so if you’re looking for a slim, working Java profiler I’d take it for a ride.


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  1. Tuna Töre said

    Good one. Thank you for offering this Java Profiler.

    Tuna Töre

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