Novarock 2007

Two rather exhausting weeks come to an end. I did my very first diploma examination for my four students at the Technikum, followed by a weekend at the Novarock music festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria. Besides myself losing a lens of my eyeglasses and living next door to tons of drunk 16- to 18-year-olds the extremely well organized festival was fun. Then I attended a two-day training course of Gigaspaces in Stuttgart (perhaps I’ll post some examples later – it’s really cool technology), followed by a household move. I guess the worst is over now, and I can start concentrating on the simpler pleasures of life again. Below you find some impressions of Novarock (with pictures of Smashing Pumpkins, Linkin Park, and Slayer.)

Smashing Pumpkins @ Novarock 2007

Peace @ Novarock 2007

Linkin Park @ Novarock 2007

Sunset and Flogging Molly @ Novarock 2007

Slayer @ Novarock 2007


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