Best of 2006

My personal best of 2006:

Books read – fiction:

  1. Walter Moers: Die Stadt der Traeumenden Buecher
    A marvellous fantasy world where everything revolves around books and stories. Like many of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, the German author Moers asserts the validity of living in a world of fiction, of being absorbed by whatever one determines to be his or her great passion.
  2. Rudy Rucker: Spaceland
    A novel of the fourth dimension. Emphasizes the “science” in science fiction.
  3. Nick Hornby: A Long Way Down
    Another good read from Nick Hornby. My favourites books are still Fever Pitch and About a Boy, but there’s something about the drifting characters of this novel.

Books read – non-fiction:

  1. Various: The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D’oh! of Homer
    A collection of philosophical essays on the Simpsons, arguably the most successful cartoon show of this decade and the 90s. Multiple authors dissect the hidden agendas, allusions and roles in the Simpsonian universe.
  2. Romeo Dallaire: Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda
    The dismaying report of the UN commander of the peacekeeping mission in Rwanda during the genocide of 1993/94. A detailed account of the cynicism with which the West approached and still approaches the peoples of Africa. Also a forceful statement in favor of an active UN peacekeeping agenda, that helping others in an armed conflict does mean risking “Western” lives, and that in not doing so one presumes that the own life is more precious than the other’s.
  3. Chad Fowler: My Job Went to India – And All I Got Was This Lousy Book
    On a lighter topic, Chad Fowler offers valuable insights why outsourcing software development is not a “magic sword” and how to keep one’s own job in a globalized economy. Tailored to programmers, but probably applicable to other professions, too.

Movies watched – yes, it was a pretty bad year in terms of movies.

  1. Martin Scorsese: The Departed
    Great story, great actors, great pictures, great movie.
  2. Pedro Almodovar: Volver
    Since I did not like Almodovar’s previous movie La Mala Educacion (Bad Education) too much, I was surprised how funny and heart-warming his latest movie turned out to be.
  3. Dayton, Faris: Little Miss Sunshine
    I saw this in a test screening, and loved every minute. It’s probably not the greatest piece of movie making and could use a few less stereotypes, but it is great entertainment.

Bands seen live:

  1. Tool – Vienna and Novarock: besides being my favourite band of this year, both live performances I saw this year were impressive.
  2. Metallica – Novarock: Yes, they’re old, and Some Kind of Monster did confirm quite a lot of stereotypes for metal bands in general and Metallica in particular, but they did an astonishing 3+ hours concert at this year’s Novarock festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria.
  3. Fettes Brot – Donauinselfest: German hiphop, a very powerful and entertaining concert.

Top personal moments – overall it’s been a hard year on me, on the other hand I learned quite some things about myself, and had some truly great times anyway:

  1. Attending the JAX Java conference in Wiesbaden, Germany. 3-4 days of interesting lectures and workshops, making me remember why I like programming so much.
  2. The sailing trip on the Baltic Sea. It wasn’t quite as cool as the year before, but everyone tried hard and made it a great experience again. Our next trip will be during the Easter holidays, which means lower temperatures, less waiting and a free summer to do something else (got some spare days left from this year, anyway).
  3. Jens’ wedding. A great weekend, including a visit to Adrian.

So what’s up for 2007? First and foremost, probably all-new projects at work, moving to a larger flat, addressing some social issues, stop thinking of money, stop thinking of getting older, porting Gametective to Ruby on Rails (including true internationalization, starting with English and German), expanding on my writing both in English and German, learning Swedish, doing more photography, attending the Nine Inch Nails concert in March, and whatever comes around.


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