Kubuntu: Installing a Brother HL-5250DN Network Printer

I recently bought a Brother HL-5250DN mono laser printer. It features a duplex unit and can act as an autonomous network printer. Just for the fun of it, I decided to install it as a network printer and attached it to one of the ethernet ports of my Wireless LAN router. As expected, Windows installation was a breeze – but so was Kubuntu (Edgy).

Assign a static IP address to the printerFirst thing (for both Windows and Linux) was to assign a static IP address to the printer – launch the web interface (enter the printer’s IP address in your browser), go to “Network Configuration”, select “TCP/IP” and assign the printer a static IP address on your local network (by default, the printer uses DHCP – my router provides a table of leased IP addresses, so it was easy to find the newly attached printer).

Open Kubuntu’s System Settings screen (i.e. KControl), go to Printer –> Add Printer/Class –> Next –> Network Printer (TCP) –> Next.

Enter the printer’s IP address, e.g., and click Next.

For a quick test, select the HL-5170DN driver, or click Other… to select the BR5250_2.PPD file provided on the driver CD-ROM.The best driver currently available in Kubuntu seems to be the Brother HL-5170DN driver. It works, but may not utilize all features. Instead, insert the printer driver CD-ROM and copy Driver/PS/PPD/<your language>/BR5250_2.PPD to a local directory. Use a tool like flip to convert the line feeds from Windows to Unix format. In the model select dialog, click Other… and select the converted PPD file. Click Next. No you can print a test page and enter additional printer information – for me, this worked the very first time I tried. Duplex printing can be enabled in the printer’s properties. Nice done, (K)Ubuntu (and Debian). 🙂



  1. John Leary said

    I am trying to install my recently purchased HL5250DN printer on an HP Pavillion whose tcp/ip port is cabled to a BELKIN Router. The printer is also cabled to another port on that same router. Printer driver installation seemed to go fine, and I can access the printer thru my browser at HOWEVER, WHENEVER I TRY to print from the computer (Win XP Home SP2), after a few minutes I get an unspecified error. So, while I can use my browser to engage the printer to print various test reports, nothing from the computer itself is getting to the printer.

    Any suggestions

  2. John Leary said

    A post script …regards the oddly broken Win-XP install of BROTHER 5250DN for network access … to which a comment ten minutes earlier refers.

    I also have an iMAC-G5. It is also cabled to the same (BELKIN) router (and thence out to the internet via satellite transceiver) to which I have cabled my new BROTHER. I just used the iMAC’s Safari browser to access the BROTHERs internet page. Having verified that my iMAC could ‘see’ the 5250DN, then I insert its install CD, found the installer for OSx-Tiger, clicked on it, and provided an installation password. The install took a minute or so, with NO options to chose, and the system restarted in a minute or so. Then I opened the BROTHER User Manual (pdf) on the CDROM, and proceeded to print all 130 pages of it, two-up, on BROTHER. The print job took less than five minutes, with great print quality.

    That experience really leaves me baffled as to why I cannot send print jobs to BROTHER from my HP Pavillion’s WinXP-Home (SP2) system. Perhaps I mangled my choice of options and broke the install in some hidden way. But how to fix? Win XP seems to think it knows BROTHER well. It just won’t send pages to BROTHER for printing, rather like Express Shippers refusal to deliver to PO Boxes. This is a pain. How to fix? Perhaps I should ship my print items over my network to the iMAC, and print from there?

    Thanks in advance for any good suggestions.


  3. Hi John,

    did you use Brother’s installer (with network installation)? If I remember correctly, I installed the printer as a “peer-to-peer” printer following the manual instructions.

  4. Phil Gomes said

    This fix worked like a charm. You rule.

  5. tay said

    comment annuler le recto-verso sur une imprimante brother HL-5250DN sur ubuntu

  6. Phil Gomes said

    FYI… On Kubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon”, there is a driver apparently included in the distro.

  7. Yep, I just tried Ubuntu 9.04 and it works perfectly out-of-the-box as well.

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