Spaceland: A Great Novel of the Fourth Dimension

I just finished Spaceland: A Novel of the Fourth Dimension and heartily recommend it. It’s a story about a guy who is augmented by a species from the fourth dimension. He is then able to see and move in the next dimension, and travels from “spaceland” (our three-dimensional world) to its four-dimensional neighbours, Klupdom and Dronia.

Storywise, it’s a rather ordinary sci-fi novel, what caught me was Rudy Rucker’s intuitive description of how the fourth dimension might be like. The hero travels through one- and twodimensional worlds, and in leaving them when he gains another degree of freedom illustrates how hard to grasp the idea of a higher dimension is. For example, the line segments of a one-dimensional world cannot understand that they could see someone else than their left and right neighbours – nor see a reason for it, since they communicate by sound anyway (which is also their way of reproduction). Illustrated by simple sketches, this book is a great read for anyone slightly interested in maths, physics or other dimensions in general.


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