Sorting HTML Data in Dojo Tables

We learned the hard way that Dojo‘s SortableTable does not work too well with HTML data in its cells. It’s not sortable, and sometimes markup is discarded or ignored. Googling brought to light the FilteringTable, a clean rewrite with more capabilities and less quirks. It’s available in current 0.4 nightly builds and works pretty well. Its parameters are similar to the SortableTable widget, except that rowClass and alternateRowClass have not been implemented yet – so you have to use td and td.alt of your table class for alternating row styles.

Unfortunately the nightlies made something clear – initialization of a complete Dojo distribution is very slow. Importing a single widget class takes up to 3 seconds on a decent PC. Including all required widgets (about 3 or 4) into a single compressed dojo.js file improves initialization to about 300 ms, but it’s still noticeable and a major issue for a good user experience. I really do hope that Dojo initialization will be tuned considerably before 0.4 is released…



  1. balaji said

    Hi ,

    This is balaji,This Dojo objects are very useful who using defferent browser.Widgetsa are saving time to developers.

    Now i create one table using dojo,it’s working very weel.But i want to print that documentations on’s give some problem.

    So please send me solution for this query

    Tahnks & Ragads

  2. Hi,

    I’m trying to implement dojo on an existing HTML table and would like to apply sorting to it. Do you know of any good tutorials for getting this up and running?

    I need custom sort keys (as we don’t always sort on what is in the table cells), a reset button (or a text link will sort on a hidden index column). Can these things be done with dojo yet?

    At the moment I’m using this excellent bit of script: but as we’re using Zend Framework I want to try and use dojo too.

    Thanks, Lloyd.

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